Visit the oldest and longest existing former Nazi concentration camp in Poland. Find out about the fascinating XX-century history of Gdansk and discover an amazing collection of Stutthof Concentration Camp and its Museum with a professional guide. It is one of those places that you need to see at least once in your life.


65 per person
  • Stutthof tour form Gdansk - gate


Our driver will pick you up from your hotel in Gdansk between 8:00 am and 9:00 am. You’ll go directly to Stutthof camp in a comfortable modern car. One-way ride takes about 60 minutes.

Upon your arrival you’ll meet with a local guide and receive tickets to the Stutthof Museum. The museum has uniquely reach collection of post-camp archive presented in a form of engaging exhibitions. The whole area of the museum covers around 20 hectares.

During Stutthof Tour, you’ll see two parts of the camp: the Old and the New Camp, so you’ll see how this historical site was changing over time. Inside the former concentration camp you’ll see permanent exhibitions featuring the “Death Gate”, ruins of gas chambers, reconstructions of crematoriums or a brick-built headquarters and garages.

Meanwhile, your guide will explain terrifying history of the camp and of the whole Pomorze region during the Occupation. Documentary movies about the Nazi occupation in Poland inside the museum will introduce you to a gloomy history of the place.

You’ll also visit a villa of the main commander of the camp and pay tribute to murdered inmates by visiting the Camp Victims’ Monument.

After the tour our driver will take you back to your hotel in Gdansk.


  • Door-to-door pick up

  • English-speaking, friendly driver

  • Modern, comfortable car

  • Entrance tickets

  • English-speaking, licensed guide


Duration: 4-5 h

Starting time: between 8:00 am and 9:00 am

Type: Group

Language: English

Crematorium in Stutthof camp
Stutthof Tour - Gate of Death
Stutthof Tour -


Our special group guided trip from Gdansk has been created as a response to growing demand for tours to Stutthof concentration camp. The trip is based on high quality, comfort, safety and flexibility. GdanskDirect has already served hundreds of customers who enjoyed our Stutthof tour, during which they saw one of the most important historical heritages in Northern Poland.

Our Stutthof tour is an unforgettable journey to the former concentration and extermination camp in Poland. Located just 80 km from Gdansk, it constitutes very important cultural heritage of Northern Poland. We provide door-to-door pick up, comfortable ride with English-speaking drivers, professional guides and entrance tickets to the Stutthof Museum. Our offer guarantees high-quality services and best prices on the market. Having 12 years of experience we know exactly how to organize reliable and comfortable tours from Gdansk to Stutthof Museum. Don’t wait and book your Stutthof tour today!

The former Nazi concentration camp in Stutthof was turned into a historical museum in 1962. Since that time the popularity of tours from Gdansk to Stutthof museum has been steadily rising.

The Museum examines, restores and shares original camp objects and collections of archive information. Its main goal is to present historical and reliable information and to preserve the memory of the camp victims. It features plenty of engaging exhibitions and video presentations. Although much of historical scripts about the camp was lost during the camp liquidation, there are still many crucial documents and proofs of its brutal activities during the world war II. Many of such documents were found in ditches near the camp, left there by escaping SS officers. They were collected by the Soviet Army and then sent to Polish authorities. Due to that fact, today, one can find as much as 125 meters of original archives in the museum.

During our Stutthof concentration camp tour you’ll familiarize with its history, how and why it was created and what impact it had on different war events in Poland. Historical facts explained by a professional guide will also include horrifying stories of prisoners treatment, transports and extermination inside the camps in Stutthof. There are several camp buildings in the museum that have been adopted for museum exhibitions. For example, there is a cinema in the former main headquarters of Nazi officers. In some of the buildings you can find video footage, everyday objects, illegally smuggled objects, personal letters and many works of art made by prisoners including drawings, portraits, coffers or rings.

Following a private guide, you will visit former prisoners barracks and find out how difficult it was for inmates to live there. They were struggling with immanent hunger, diseases, extremely hard work and inhumane punishments everyday. You’ll see how their beds and clothes looked like and how little space they had inside barracks. Finally, you’ll discover the most terrifying objects of the camp which are gas chamber and cremation ovens.

One of the most interesting objects in the museum is a large maquette presenting the original outlook of the camp as it looked just after it was build. During Stutthof concentration camp tour, you’ll also see the Monument to the Camp Victims, which constitutes the most important memorial object in the museum. It’s a place where visitors can pay tribute to all victims of atrocious crimes committed by Germans.


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