If you consider GdasNk sightseeing (you should!) there is no better way to do it than during a walking tour. Take comfortable shoes and follow a professional guide who will lead you through city’s landmarks and some hidden places, known only by locals.

gdansk walking tour by night

Discover the beauty and charm of Gdansk after dark during our unique evening guided walking tour. See the Royal Road, Artus Court, Gold and Green Gate, The Great Armory, Old Port with Crane, Island of Granaries and St. Mary’s Street under cover of the night. Enjoy your night adventure in a local brewery/restaurant with regional beer and delicious Polish food.

  • Duration: 1-2 h
  • Type: Group


31 per person
Gdansk bike tours

  • Duration: 3 h
  • Type: Private


31 per person


  • Hotel pick ups and drop offs

  • Fuel costs, parking charges

  • English-speaking, friendly driver

  • Comfortable, private vehicles

  • Local, professional guides

  • Vehicle ozonation and safety measures


Gdansk is a charming city in Northern Poland and the country’s most significant seaside. It’s relatively small, with 464 thousands of citizens, but has a lot of things to offer. Its International Airport (Lech Walesa Gdansk Airport) welcomes thousands of tourist from around the world every year. That’s why Gdansk shuttle tours which offer different types of city sightseeing have become so popular in recent years. It’s also a reason why we, as a professional tour operator from Gdansk, constantly improve our services adjusting it to current trends and customers needs.

You can discover Gdansk attractions in different ways. For a start, it’s good to book one of the classic walking tours with a private guide. In this way, you’ll visit Gdansk most important spots and learn its basic history. If you seek for alternative options, we recommend to choose our Gdansk by night tour. You’ll discover  Gdansk beautiful landscapes from slightly different and much more interesting perspective walking among city’s glittering lights.

Visiting Gdansk with a guide is the best way to explore the city in the most comprehensive way. Due to professional guides you’ll not only get a history lesson but also receive a local view on the city. Sightseeing on your own is also possible but it never will be as interesting as an organized, guided tour.

If you book one of our carefully selected Gdansk tours, you’ll experience all city’s landmarks following a licensed guide who will take you on a journey through different historical periods of the city. All guides that we collaborate with are experienced professionals providing a big portion of historical knowledge but also entertainment during visiting.

Although the city is rather small, there are plenty interesting things to do in Gdansk. If you visit Gdansk for the first time, make sure that you visit all most important landmarks. Here are some monuments and places that you should definitely city during Gdansk sightseeing:

Zuraw Gate

Zuraw historic crane and water gate are probably one of the most popular and characteristic Gdansk attractions. This biggest and oldest Medieval crane in Europe was build in 14th century and today constitutes national heritage and a sign of old city’s power. Visiting the crane one can discover old crane mechanisms, a big portion of Gdansk trade history, beautiful view on Motlawa river and inimitable atmosphere of the old times.

European Solidarity Centre

There is no better place to familiarize with Gdansk’s fascinating history of the XX th century that the European Solidarity Centre.

Gdansk shipyard has become the place of one of the most significant events in Polish modern history. Everything started here: Solidarity movement, Round Table and, finally, communism downfall in Poland. Although many years have passed since those events, they are still remembered by Gdansk citizens and presented in the form of engaging exhibitions.

Amber Museum

Gdansk is often called the World’s Amber capital. Every year it hosts Amberif (the biggest Amber fairs in the world!) on it’s streets attracting thousands of vendors from around the globe. No wonder why the city’s Amber Museum is one of its most popular touristic places. The museum offers its visitors an amazing journey through amber’s history, an overview of amber’s processing and a rich collection of wildlife captured inside small beautiful gems. Amber’s Museum is located in historical tenement houses from the Middle Ages.

The Royal Road

Main road of the city and the first point during every Gdansk Walking tour. It consists of Long Lane and Long Market streets. Royal Road leads from the Golden Gate and the Long Market, to the Green Gate. It served as a trade route and an extension in the oval market square in the thirteenth century. It was a place of many fancy parades of kings and important figures in the country. When Gdansk was conquered by the Teutonic Order, the road had become the most important route around the Main Town. All tenement houses along the Royal Road were owned by the richest, noble families. That’s why they are so elaborately decorated, stylish, often reflecting strong influences of foreign architectural styles. Additionally, Royal Road served as a place of executions of witches, heretics and criminals.

The Neptune’s Statue

Neptune’s Statue is the most important symbol of the city, occurring in every city guide with Gdansk tours. Built around 400 years ago, the “God of the sea” weights 650 kg and stands proudly in the city centre with his privy parts covered with a fin of sea bass (in order not to cause scandal among pious Protestants). Neptune faces the royal tenement house, bowing head before king’s building. According to the legend, the fountain was squirting not only with water but also with gold or vodka. As rich people were throwing gold coins to his fount for luck, he got angry and turned them all into dust with his harpoon. Other legend says, that once every hundred years all animals from the monument walls revive and make a reception as it’s the only time when they can feed themselves. On that occasion, Neptune also gets down from his pedestal and serves as a leader of the party.

If you wonder which Gdansk tour you should choose or what to do in Gdansk while your summer holidays – check our offer and book your perfect city tour today.

With GdanskDirect you’ll find out what the real city sightseeing means. We will give you an excellent overview of the most significant city landmarks and places that only locals know about. Door-to-door pick ups, professional guides, English-speaking drivers and comfortable cars are only few features of our trips that will turn your Gdansk visit into an unforgettable experience.

If you visit Gdansk for a short period of time it’s worth to consider combining your Gdansk airport transfer with a sightseeing tour. We can organize that. On your way to hotel, our driver can show you the most important landmarks in the city and familiarize you with its history. You can also do this kind of sightseeing on your way to the airport. Choosing this option will help you save time and money!


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