Discover the largest castle in the world, one of the biggest fortresses in Europe and the place of the famous “Siege of Malbork”. During a day trip from Gdansk, our professional guide will take you on an amazing journey through magnificent interiors and imperial history of great rulers.


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Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you directly to the Malbork castle. One-way drive take about 1 hour.

You’ll meet with a professional guide and receive your entrance tickets upon your arrival to Malbork. Museum complex consists of several different parts with the High Castle, the Middle Castle and the Master’s Palace being most important ones.

At the beginning, you’ll visit the 14th-century Palace of the Grand Master. This remarkable building used to was the residence of so-called Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. It is regarded as the most valuable, luxurious and architecturally abundant object for the historical Order.

Then, you’ll discover the historical XIII-century Blessed Virgin Mary Church located in the High Castle. It is characterized by soaring (and extremely impressive!) interior and the Golden Gate – a symbolic gate to the heavens decorated with reliefs presenting the Last Judgement.

During Malbork Tour, your guide will also lead your through various exhibitions (temporary and permanent) of the museum complex. It includes the rich collection representing almost 500 years of the castle’s armoury, flags, exhibition, military equipment and countless weapons. Altogether, there are over 40 000 items in the Museum’s spectacular collection!

In the meantime, your guide will have plenty of fascinating stories to share about the castle, its rulers, invaders.

After the visit our driver will pick you up and take you safely back home. The whole trip takes about 6-hours and you’ll have a 15-minutes break during visiting the castle.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

  • English-speaking, licensed guide

  • Entrance tickets to the museum

  • Friendly, English-speaking driver

  • Modern, comfortable vehicle


Duration: 6 h

Type: Group

Language: English

* You can also book a private tour on request – contact us for more info.

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malbork castle tour


It is estimated that 12 to 15 million bricks were used to build the massive body of the castle in Malbork. The biggest Gothic brick building in the world has been rebuilt and strengthen several times.

In fact, Malbork Castle’s solid walls and beautiful interiors have gone through long, turbulent times. In the course of its history, this fortress struggled with numerous invaders. Yet, up to date, it has survived as the largest castle in the world being a testimony of its immense power and resilience.

After it was besieged, the renovation was necessary. Polish armies were the first to try to capture the complex and fought with the Teutonic Knights who owned it. Swedish troops, as well as Napoleon’s army also made several attempts to take over the castle. 

As a result of the partitions of Poland, the castle was passed into the hands of the Prussian army. In the XX century it was captured by Nazi troops and between 1944-1945 around 50% the most valuable monuments and collections was destroyed.

Since the year 2000, Malbork Castle has been a place of the annual event called ,,The Siege of Malbork”. It is a reconstruction of famous siege of the fortress by troops of Poles and Lithuanians in 1410. Hundreds of soldiers present an incredible show that today is a huge tourist attraction.

Visitors of the castle can also take part in medieval craft fairs, knight’s tournaments or archery and crossbow contest. It’s a great opportunity to learn the secrets of different crafts at first hand – from professional blacksmiths, cooks, shoemakers or tailors. All the participants (including horses!) are dressed up in historic knightly armament. Women present traditional dances, prepare meals and stroll in beautiful dresses among castle walls.

There is also something for children – they can participate in original medieval games and learn a lot of historical facts through entertainment. This amazing feast is always carefully watched by the noble king of Poland – Władysław Jagiello.

Visiting Malbork Castle tour is much more than a simple historical trip. It’s a real adventure and a fascinating journey through Medieval Times.

During the tour you’ll visit numerous courtyards, cellars, refectories, dormitories, chapels, chapter house, infirmary, armory and many more. In major part these are the historical reconstruction, as the original equipment has been plundered across the centuries.

You can find a lit of things due to the exhibitions: how monks’ life looked like, how cooks were cooking in the castle’s kitchen, how the model armor looked like and how much it weighted.

The castle was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1997 not without a reason. The castle is the largest Gothic brick structure in the world, but also a model example of excellent conservatory work. Malbork used to was the Teutonic Knights capital. Since 1280, as the construction began, it has changed owners several times. It became a monastery in the XIV century. Then, between 1309-1457 it was a seat of the grand masters of the Teutonic Order and Religious authorities of Prussia and between 1457-1772 it became the residence of Polish kings. Then, came the rule of the Royal Prussia and the Maritime Commission.
The Castle Museum was created in 1961. Its impressive exhibition includes one of the largest collection of amber in Poland.


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